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Activated is for driven seekers who want to demystify manifestation, heal what is in their way + step into a life of freedom, abundance and ease.

Manifestation is not about positive thoughts and high vibes all day - it's about activating your pure, natural magnetism while healing and releasing what has been in your way.

In fact...

Manifestation Mastery Is Really Self Mastery

I have been using, teaching and embodying this formula for the past 4 years that has had me triple my income and step into the confidence, freedom, peace and fulfillment that I had been looking for in other manifestation methods.

Activated is where you get the tools for your awakening journey so that you can step into your power and manifest what you want.

You have been feeling called to step into your next level and on a soul level, you are so freaking ready.

If you've been...
confused on what to do to heal and move forward
sick of hoping things will change
wondering what is holding you back

obsessing over trying to have positive thoughts and high vibes only
continuously wondering if it's working
- it's time to cut through the confusion + move forward in a practical, systematic way.

"Talia's teachings have changed my life. She is so unique in the way she teaches manifestation and it has helped me so fast compared to my previous years of "trying" to manifest. As an empath, I know Talia gets me and actually teaches how to manifest for highly sensitive souls which I have never seen from anyone else. Thank you Talia, to say you changed my life is an understatement!"

- Nikki, NY, USA

So, You've Been Going Through AN AWAKENING AND...

 You keep hearing to "do the work" but are unsure what exactly that means.

You're watching others create magic and are ready for it to be your time.

 Although you've done a lot of work on yourself, it hasn't yet created the massive shift you're seeking.

You have an inner knowing that you are meant for so much more

There’s a little voice deep down that is getting stronger, whispering "let's do this, you're ready"

Over the course of this program - you will grow.
You will experience breakthroughs as you get support, HEAL, learn new tools + Move Forward.

This Is For...

Highly motivated seekers, empaths, old souls + light workers committed to creating a really incredible life this time around

 Those are ready for deeper levels of healing + more manifestation

  Those ready to heal what is holding them back on a deeper level

Those who have goals and desires for their life and are ready to go deeper and receive more

AND If...

... you're at the tipping point

... you value self growth work

... you have been called to my teachings are hungry for more in life

...your Soul is speaking louder than ever




Activating your Authentic Self - your essence and natural magnetism. As you truly discover the core of who you are, you will be able to create authentic boundaries, dive deeper into potent self love and start to appreciate yourself on a whole new level! This is where true freedom, confidence and expression start.


We explore inner child healing, inner teenage healing and dive into the root of what holds us back and teaches you the exact method I use to heal what holds me back, navigate triggers and fears. This is a life changing module that teaches you healing tools that you will use the rest of your life.


This is where we take our limiting beliefs, core wounds and looping patterns in our mind and learn how to reprogram our brain. We will dive into conscious and subconscious reprogramming and multiple tangible practices to reprogram your brain to stop holding you back.


A short training on the power of integration and no call this week as you practice what you've been learning and start embodying the teachings on a whole new level. 


Now that you are clearing away what is holding you back, we get into the how-to's of manifesting where I teach you the Magnetism Formula and take you through the manifestation process from beginning to end and dive deep into exactly how to intentionally, consciously manifest the desires you have.


Advanced tools for quantum leaping such as manifesting with timelines, embodiment practices and how to use the HER work in your life and how to shift your identity for rapid results. 


This week is about how to physically live the system to continue "doing the work". We are breaking down how to use the system to manifest a specific goal and how to live this system in everyday life so that you can continue to practice living activated long after the program ends.


We end with a bang as we dive into your big goals and dreams and bridging the gap between where you are now and these massive goals that feel potentially out of reach. You also learn money manifestation and creating big success for yourself.

Manifestation Training Library which includes more than 30 Talia Joy Manifestation workshops, energy activations, workbooks + meditations to support your awakening and manifestation journey. Workshops include Manifest Now, Get Unblocked, Sacred Boundaries, Where To Find Your Purpose, Energy + Frequency Of Money and a workshop for each of the 6 pillars of manifestation!  (over $1000 in value)

Intuition School Intuitive + Third Eye Activation Course. This self study course has 5 modules with workbooks and comes with bonuses such as Intuition + Magnetic Superflow Training,  6 Pillars Meditation, Sacred Morning Ritual and Souls Purpose Ritual. ($1111 value)

Empath Bundle - 2 signature courses, Empath Activated + Empowered Empath plus a 31 day challenge called Manifesting For Empaths. These courses support empaths and highly sensitive people in activating their powers and learning techniques such as grounding, clearing and protection. You will also learn how manifesting is different for empaths and how to set yourself up for success being a sensitive soul. ($1111 value)

 Program Pre-Work - 
Law Of Subtraction pre work will be accessible one week before the program starts for a manifestation boost and to clear space to make room for the success you are creating.
(over $200 in value)


"With Talia's Activated program I went from not knowing where my blind spots were to knowing the EXACT steps to manifesting the life of my dreams. I highly recommend Activated to any seeker wanting clear roadmap to their best life!"

 - Heather L

When You Register, You'll Get:

1 week of pre-work trainings and materials to get your energy grounded and cleared for best results 

8 weeks of step by step trainings & materials

9 Deep Dive Training calls for personal guidance, energy upgrades & weekly accountability

Lifetime Access To The Entire Manifestation Training Library

 Lifetime Access Intuition School Intuitive + Third Eye Activation Program

Lifetime Access To The Empath Bundle


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"Talia - you are changing lives and I am so grateful we met. Your way of teaching manifestation is so different and so refreshing. I am so grateful for your programs, rituals, sessions and podcast - I've been able to change my life so much in such a short amount of time with your guidance. Thank you!

- Tamara, Toronto, ON, Canada


 The trainings and materials are released Mondays to consume when it works for you. Then, we have an Activation call on Thursday for support, coaching, energy activation and to deepen the themes of the week. This means you can binge on the trainings at your own pace when it works for you and then show up for deeper support. 

 In addition to the weekly calls, you'll join a private WhatsApp thread for group support during the journey.


What if I can't join the calls live?

Live is best but its totally understandable that not everyone can make the live calls - you will have access to all replays within 24 hours as well as the membership portal and private WhatsApp thread for group support.

What materials do I get? 

You will have access to a beautiful membership portal that gives you access to a workbook each week, new energy rituals, meditations and resources as well as training replays in video and audio. You also get access to pre-work 1 week before the program starts! 

What payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards and PayPal

What results can I get excited about with this program?

This program will move the needle forward in your life in the areas that you intend as you enter the program. You will learn a fluid process that you can use every time you want to manifest in the future. You will experience blessings to come in as you clear your energy and reprogram your identity. You can expect feelings of excitement, relief and fun. You can expect to feel lighter as you raise your vibration permanently  You can expect to have your mind blown and deep parts of you brought back into wholeness. 

If you have more questions, write us at

Permission to...

Start experiencing more miracles and healing

Have confidence in who you are

To be naturally magnetic

Release, move forward and manifest the visions you have

Heal looping patterns

Reprogram your brain

Learn new tools

Get support + accountability

​Hi! I'm Talia Joy, a bestie in your awakening, a manifestation mentor, teacher and podcast host helping motivated seekers all over the world master manifestation, unlock the life they are meant for and create more freedom, abundance, fulfillment and joy.

My clients are already creating some success and transformation in their lives and they are ready for their next, quantum level - this is where I come in.

My teachings combine the law of attraction, intuitive insight, quantum physics, energy healing and tuning into your Soul to cause a quantum shift in your life.

I am also a mom of 3 living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada with her husband, dog and kids in a little island beach town.

I am SO EXCITED to take you through this next-level program and teach you how to manifest a life of abundance, fulfillment and joy in a whole new way.

Activated is a program filled with new tools and teachings that I have been using to manifest so much easier than I ever have because when we combine activation, healing and reprogramming you become magnetic and your desires can manifest without resistance.

You are in the right place if you know you are ready for big things - I can't wait to see you inside our 8 week journey!