In this powerful experience, you will receive mindset, self care + manifestation exercises to boost your vibe and propel you into your next level. Each day will take 10 minutes or less and will shift your life on a quantum level.

small practices, big results


neglecting your self care and spiritual practices because life is crazy

ungrounded, finding it hard to be human

 not using the tools in your spiritual tool belt

not asking for support or help

noticing some self sabotage

feeling easily overwhelmed and confused


breaking promises to yourself

noticing that things are not flowing (most important)


And, you need to come back home. Back to the simple, doable practices.


You get daily emails that give you the practice for the day, requiring 10 minutes or less, and can be made longer.

These practices are specifically designed to fuel your manifestations through simple tools of breath work, gratitude, law of attraction,  decluttering, intention setting and focusing on what you want in many different ways. Manifesting involves consistently showing up in your highest good, fuelling your goals and BECOMING her (him/them).

"Talia! I did your Best Self Everyday and I was shocked how these small, powerful practices made such a big difference!! By the end of the first week I got received 4 new clients and a random $500 cheque. I also felt so much more calm and could hear my intuition more clearly - this is magic - AND SO DOABLE, thank you!"

- Stephanie M, Toronto, ONT, Canada


Manifestation Mastery Training - dive into this new training from 2021 breaking down how to master manifestation! I take you through the pillars, steps and process of manifestation. 

 A Day As Your Best Self Meditation - go through a day as your best self, in your best life. Call forward the life you want and how you want to feel with this powerful meditation. 

  6 Pillars Manifestation Activation Ritual - a press play ritual that will take you through the 6 pillars of manifestation and activate each one, making you magnetic for the life you want. 

  Cash Money Activation - this powerful ritual will activate the flow of cash into your life! Its nice to want "abundance" but it's also nice to welcome in more dollars! This activation will do just that - you need to experience it for yourself! 

 Manifest Now Daily Checklist - refer to this daily checklist and integrate these powerful practices into your life now. This easy to use guide gives tons of examples, mantras, exercises and useful things you can do NOW to manifest more.

Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Universe Ritual - this powerful 22 minute ritual connects you to the infinite wisdom, support and guidance from the Universe.

"Best Self Everyday was a freaking God-send (literally)! I had abandoned all my practices and it was exactly what I needed to boost my manifestation and self care practices. I was so impressed that everyday was exactly what I needed. I loved making an alter, decluttering and the powerful practices you presented. It WORKS. I lost some weight, strengthened my intuition and even feel more confidence - in 31 days!" 

- Cindy T, Michigan, USA


You are being inviting to stretch your capacity to commit and dive into powerful practices that will make you feel amazing and AMP UP your manifestations - with a group of like-minded seekers doing the work along with you!

Quantum Leaping happens when you step into a new reality. When you become a higher version of yourself through your actions, thoughts and energy. This 31 day experience is designed for that - to quantum leap into a higher version of yourself.



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"Best Self Everyday is my new favourite thing. Thank you for these beautiful, powerful, well thought-out practices. Not only do I now have 31 new tools for my spiritual tool belt but I also manifested the car I wanted and many unexpected gifts and opportunities. I also feel so much better - thank you."

- Caitlyn S, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hey, I'm Talia, this is how Best Self Everyday came to be...
Not very long ago I was living a pretty good life. I was feeling pretty good, had come a long way and created a lot of positive change in my life. 

The thing was... I was deeply hungry for more.
On a soul level.

Inside, I felt overwhelmed, unfocused and unable to manifest specific things, my results were all over the place and I was beyond frustrated. 

Sure, I had a good life. But I wanted a magical life.
That is what my soul calls for.
Anyway, many breakdowns later I finally realized that my daily practice had been floppy.

And come to think of it, my intuition had been calling me to create  some type of daily practice.  Okay Universe, I get the nudge!

I gathered all of the tools I had and the practices that made a big difference for me and I created for myself a 31 day intention to show up as HER, as my best self for at least 10 minutes per day and do some sort of practice.

It worked miracles for my energy, creativity, inspiration and MANIFESTATIONS!

This is when Best Self Everyday was born and now I have been honoured to put hundreds of seekers through it with never-ending positive feedback.

You are going to love how easy (and powerful) these exercises truly are.

I am a manifestation and intuitive guide, mom of 3, rocking my own business and full family life. I am busy so I know that if this can work for me, it can definitely make a quantum impact in your life as well.

I can't wait to hear your big wins and feel your energy elevate over these 31 days.

"When you come to the place where you are ready to do what it takes, the perfect tools and support will surface"
Talia Joy