Get My 3 Best Empath Courses For Just $27
You'll learn how to...

Manage your energy and feeling "too sensitive"

Ground, clear and release excess energy

Discover your intuitive type

Discover your unique empath type

Manifest in a way designed for empaths

Uncover your unique purpose here as an empath

Create boundaries to protect your energy

Step into your confidence and unique gifts

...and so much more!
If you want to understand more about being an empath
and how to ground, clear and protect your energy...

If you want to unlock your empath superpowers
+ purpose, focus on Empath Activated...

If you want to master daily practices to ground,
clear and manifest, focus on the 31 Day Challenge...

 A Day As Your Best Self Meditation is all about aligning energetically with your best day as your best self

Root Chakra Meditation to ground and activate safety, security and stability in your life

Belief + Worthiness Meditation

Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

 Stepping Into Your Purpose Training, Meditation + Workbook

Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Universe Ritual - connect to the infinite wisdom, support and guidance from the Universe

Meditation To Call Forward Intuitive Guidance


This bundle is for all empaths who are ready to become magnetic manifestors and manage with energy like a Unicorn!

This is perfect for...



Old Souls


Light Workers

Those Of Service

Self Growth Junkies

Seekers + Starseeds

Empath Entrepreneurs

Highly Sensitive People

Those looking to regulate their energy

empaths who find typical Manifestation practices don't work

"Talia - your programs, podcast and teachings have changed my life. I've never heard people teach about manifestation like you do. You have helped me so quickly compared to the years of "trying" to manifest before I met you. I've never seen someone teach how to manifest in a way that works for empaths! Game changing! Thank you Talia.

- Rebekah, ONT, Canada



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This ever-growing meditation library is usually only for my VIP clients and contains all of my meditations and energy activations all in one place! 

There are over 15 meditations for intuition, manifesting, meeting your spirit guide, souls purpose and more!

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