Clear Your Chakras, Restore Balance In Your Spirit, Mind + Body
Break through into your next level by clearing your chakras and releasing what is no longer serving you.

clear your chakras, restoring balance and flow between your energy centres

connect with your Spirit team for specific guidance, insight and help

 for you to feel lighter - like a weight has been lifted and balance has been restored

 activate your third eye, enhancing intuition

release blocks in your mind and body

 support you in the self love, healing and nurturing that you deserve

you've been feeling off, like low or stagnant energy is "stuck" to you

You're feeling easily overwhelmed emotionally

 you want to connect with your Spirit team for specific guidance, insight and help

 you feel unmotivated, unclear or like something is holding you back

you want to activate your third eye, enhancing intuition

you feel called to release blocks in your mind and body

 you made it to this page! :)

More About The Session
This session is a 60 min chakra clearing guided by spirit.

You'll get super comfy and your guides will take me through your chakras, clearing out blocks, calming overactive centres and opening up underactive ones.

Your guides will also clear resistance and whatever you are ready to release from your body and energetic field.

This is deeply healing, releasing and insightful. Spirit will pass on information and guidance that will help you to step into your goals and intentions.

You need to experience this! 
Get cleared and support by myself and your Spirit team in this alchemizing experience.



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For 31 days you will receive a new practice each day to boost manifestation and alignment with HER. This program creates quantum leaps and big shifts to have you step into your best self - in 10 min or less each day! 

This experience is running LIVE in a Facebook group with me Aug 1, 2021
Bonuses for joining include: Cash Money Activation, Manifesting Daily Checklist and 2 meditations to get your energy high, your mind calm and your manifestations rolling in!

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  • 1xChakra Clearing Session$199

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Alignment Brings Manifestation

Setting goals. Getting overwhelmed. Letting ourself down. Feeling awful. Not knowing how to even start again. This pattern is not helping us.

However, I do believe in being in alignment with your soul's callings and creating intentions, focus and goals from that place. Backed up with the proper mindset, plan and support - intentions become reality.

By clearing your chakras, you will be able to release the deep stuff that is holding you back and subconsciously causing fear and resistance. Since we hold energy in our bodies, sometimes we need a good clearing to release what we are ready to let go of.

I Am Here To Help

Hey, I'm Talia and I am here to help and support you on your awakening journey.

I know firsthand that transformation and manifestation happens in layers. We need to continuously up-level, shift, release, adjust and align with who we are becoming.

In these sessions, I will help you uncover and move into your next level by helping you to release the biggest thing holding you back at this point in your journey.

Not only do I help you with my own processes and experience but I call in The Big Kahuna and allow Spirit to take the lead.

This gives room for your guides, angels and spirit team to come in and help you in alchemizing your excess energy into healing, growth and power.

Thank you for allowing me to support you in your journey - you are doing such a great job!