join the 31 day manifestation challenge
DESIGNED to help empaths manifest!

It's time to amp up your practice with 31 new tools, mindset shifts + simple daily actions designed specifically for empaths.

I know the overwhelm and fluctuating vibes that come with being an empath and I know you are a few simple shifts away from being able to manifest much easier.

This is for the seeker who...

 wants a solid daily energy routine and needs the practices and guidance

needs new tools, rituals and exercises that work to manifest and anchor into self love

 is an empath and has not yet learned how to manifestation is different for empaths + sensitive souls

 Is ready to commit to 10 minutes per day to change their life

"Talia - your programs, podcast and teachings have changed my life. I've never heard people teach about manifestation like you do. You have helped me so quickly compared to the years of "trying" to manifest before I met you. I've never seen someone teach how to manifest in a way that works for empaths! Game changing! Thank you Talia.

- Rebekah, ONT, Canada


 31 new daily practices via email. The practices contain downloads, prompts, energy exercises and manifestation hacks. They all require 10 minutes or less and are powerful tools to manifest more as an empath.

 All of the trainings, rituals, downloads and meditations are yours to keep forever!

THIS CHALLENGE will GIVE YOU 31 SIMPLE EVERYDAY PRACTICES TO manifest more, manage your energy and feel better right away.

  A Day As Your Best Self Meditation is all about aligning energetically with your best day as your best self! We are going through your ideal day - embodying HER, feeling HER, sensing HER. It's really fun and can be used often as a tool that combines meditation, visualization and EMBODIMENT (the most important tool of all!). It's one you'll love to add into your meditation practice.

6 Pillars Manifestation Activation Ritual - a press play ritual that will take you through the 6 pillars of manifestation and activate each one, making you magnetic for the life you want.

Cash Money Activation - this powerful ritual will activate the flow of cash into your life! Its nice to want "abundance" but it's also nice to welcome in more dollars! This activation will do just that - you need to experience it for yourself!

Manifest Now Daily Checklist - refer to this daily checklist and integrate these powerful practices into your life now. This easy to use guide gives tons of examples, mantras, exercises and useful things you can do NOW to manifest more.

Manifestation Mastery Training - dive into this new training where I am breaking down how to master manifestation! I take you through the pillars, steps and process of manifestation.

Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Universe Ritual - this powerful 22 minute ritual connects you to the infinite wisdom, support and guidance from the Universe.

This challenge and the bonuses are valued at over $1000!!



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"Talia - you are changing lives and I am so grateful we met. Your way of teaching manifestation is so different and so refreshing. I am so grateful for your programs, rituals, sessions and podcast - I've been able to change my life so much in such a short amount of time with your guidance. Thank you!

- Tamara, Toronto, ON, Canada

​Not very long ago I was living a pretty good life. I was feeling pretty good, had come a long way and created a lot of positive change in my life.

The thing was... I was deeply hungry for more.
On a soul level.

Many breakdowns and breakthroughs later I finally realized - my daily practice had been floppy and my intuition had been calling me to create some type of daily practice. So I gathered all of the tools I had and the practices that made a big difference for me and I created for myself a 31 day intention to show up as HER, as my best self for at least 10 minutes per day and do some sort of practice. I was kind of surprised but IT WORKED MIRACLES miracles for my energy, mood  and manifestations.

Now I know WHY it worked (because of quantum alignment, my obsession) but at that point, I was just happy it was working! This is when my first challenge, Best Self Everyday was born - maybe you’ve taken it. Over 150 seekers went through that challenge with incredible results.

Now I have made another 31 day experience for you but this time it’s especially for empaths and sensitive souls who want to manifest MORE, need consistent daily practice and who want to manifest in their everyday life!

Oh ya - Hi, I'm Talia Joy, an empath, Quantum Activator, teacher, intuitive and podcast host helping high-level, motivated seekers all over the world master manifestation and create the life they are meant for with my signature quantum activation process.

My clients are already creating some success and transformation in their lives and they are ready for their next, quantum level - this is where I come in.

My teachings combine the law of attraction, quantum physics, energy healing, intuitive development and tuning into your Soul to cause a quantum shift in your life. I am also a mom of 3 living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada with her husband, dog and kids in a little beach town.

You are going to love how easy (and powerful) these exercises truly are. I can't wait to hear your big wins and feel your energy elevate over these 31 days.