this is a 3 MODULE program TO ACTIVATE THE EMPATH - mind, body + cosmic purpose.


you're realizing that there is more to being an empath...

Empaths are old souls with a special purpose here. I believe that empaths have been placed on this earth with a big purpose to help in the global awakening. We are not meant to live our whole lives depleted and overwhelmed with being "too sensitive". 

You don't have to live in the shadow of your gift - it's time to step into the light.

If you're like me, often it feels like...

>> it is hard to be human

>> I am too sensitive for this world

>> everyone else can handle life, crowds and people better than me

>> I easily get swallowed in a whirlpool of energy and emotions

As empaths, we tend to...

pick up on other people's emotional junk (can I return to sender?)

wonder "what's wrong with me, why am I so different?"

become depleted while pouring out to others all day

... But guess what? Times are changing you are being called to step out of surviving as an empath and into your divine purpose.

Your whole life has been working up to this - all of the self development work, spiritual inquiry, curiosity, courses, books and workshops you've taken to grow, expand and better yourself. 

You were put on the planet to be the feeler.
You are here to be the nurturer, to be the healer, the creator, the wise Sage, the creative, the HEART.

You are here to spread light and inspire others
it's time to step into that power and into the power of why you're here

I have known for a while that I am here to help empaths

I have a deep understanding of how being a high sensitive person effects my energy - and manifestation is all about energy! I know that I am here to help empower empaths to step into their confidence and power.

what I didn't know was WHY...

I now know that as empaths, we carry a special purpose to give this earth empathy, love and compassion. We are needed, important and part of the global awakening. 

Empaths are torch carriers, leading the way with heart and empathy (aka the light) - and I am here to activate as many of them as I can!

This is what we are going to do...
Each module is an energetic upgrade - the first half is teaching and the second half is an energy activation designed to give you a quantum leap.

WEEK ONE: Mastering The Body

You'll learn all about the body component to being an activated empath. We are talking about everything from energy clearing, grounding, release, food, movement and techniques to ground and protect yourself from absorbing so much energy. You'll receive new anxiety and overwhelm strategies that you'll use for life to calm and stabilize your emotions along with tools to clear your body and set you up to be a grounded, clear channel.

Week One Energy Activation on Cleansing The Body - Cellular Activation, Physical Release, Recalibration and Energy Protection


WEEK TWO: Healing The Human & Purpose Activation

In week two, you'll be supported in deep healing techniques so that you can move forward and step into purpose. You will receive trainings and meditations to help you heal on deeper levels so that you can step into your true purpose as an empath. We will also look at your human purpose, earth purpose and cosmic purpose and how to live in alignment with why you're here.

Week Two Energy Activation on Healing, Recalibration and True Empath Purpose Activation


WEEK THREE: Intuition, Empathic Gifts & Cosmic Origins

In week three we go deep and dive into your magical gifts and connection to the cosmos. We will explore your psychic, intuitive and empathic abilities and how to use them in you everyday life. Get ready to open up to a whole new world of empathic gifts, true purpose and receiving your cosmic mission.

Week Three Energy Activation on Galactic Origins and Receiving Cosmic Codes to Activate Your Gifts & Mission

The time has come for soul activation and to connect more deeply to your cosmic purpose, gifts and abilities.

this is for...

>> Empaths wanting to dive much deeper into their purpose and gifts 

>> Entrepreneurs, light workers and healers wanting to step more into their purpose. 

>> Old Souls looking to "remember" why they are here. 

THE details

>> You will instantly get access to all 3 modules, the Bonus Clearing Module AND the 6 bonus materials below - you can move through the materials as you wish.

>> Each module is half training, half energy upgrade session.


>> PRE-WORK >> The Law Of Subtraction and Root Chakra Activation will help prepare your energy for this upgrade.


Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation - get to know one of your spirit guides in this powerful experience 

Uncovering Your Soul's Purpose Training + Workbook - this deep dive training will help you to connect more deeply with your purpose and have you dive into inquiry such as what am I here to learn? How can I serve others with my gifts? 

Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Universe Activation Meditation - this meditation will upgrade your cells and have you connect to the medicine and wisdom of the entire universe to access shifts in energy, perspective and higher guidance. 

Meditation For Calling Forward Intuitive Guidance - Use this meditation to practice your intuition and call forward specific guidance about a question you have. 

Beach Bliss Activation Track - a 5 min track of Bliss that I suggest you put on repeat and use as the background to journalling, meditation, pondering or simply BEing in Spirit.

Time Line Journey For Quantum Manifestation - Use this time-bending tool to place your goals into your future timeline and receive the insight and guidance you need right now to get you there. This meditation is like no other and will be so fun and powerful to expand into.


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I am a spiritual teacher, intuitive channel, manifestation mentor, podcast host and mom of 3. I am excited to help you to activate the "something more" in your life - divine guidance, gifts, manifestation and magic available to you by diving deeper into who you are.

You have done a lot of work already to heal what you've gone through and as you continue to do that work, you are also ready to activate more purpose, fulfillment and certainty in your life. You're ready to learn how to live in alignment with your Soul blueprint and why you're here. 

I help inspired and motivated seekers to jump two-feet into navigating their awakening and creating the life they are meant for using intuition, manifestation, the law of attraction and alignment with their soul and purpose. 

This program is great for seekers going through an awakening, entrepreneurs looking embody more and gain clarity on their purpose and old souls looking to "remember" why they are here.

Aside from all things business - I am a chill empath Canadian living off the west coast on Vancouver Island. I'm a momma of 4 (3 humans and our dog, Kali), wife to my soul mate and lover of yoga, hiking, nature, meditation music in the background 24/7 and warm days. 

Most days you can find me either in my yoga pants sipping my 6th coffee or tea, hanging with my family, in sessions with clients or outside hiking, walking and exploring this island that I call home.

I can't wait to support you in this beautiful program + energy upgrade!

For more about me and my teachings, check out The Awakening Her Podcast or come find me on Instagram