If you're tired of feeling depleted and you're ready to go from overwhelmed to on fire (with a bunch of other incredible women) - this program is for you!


Learn your unique energetic code
with my exclusive process you'll learn your Empath Type and Intuitive Type so that you can unlock new levels of manifestation and use tools specifically for you

Get new powerful anxiety + overwhelm strategies 
that you'll use for li fe to calm, centre and stabilize your emotions

Learn powerful protection, grounding + clearing exercises
specifically for highly sensitive people to be able to stop picking up on all of the energy, all the time and make space for your manifestations to materialize

Recode your reality, creating new stories and beliefs
to replace the limiting ones that are keeping you stuck and blocked

Integrate new rituals, routines and exercises 
specifically made for you to manifest as a sensitive soul

Quantum leap into your next level 
as we dive into time-line exercises, embodyment tools + next-level manifestatiomn techniques to make change fast.

Get supported and mentored (from someone who gets it!) 
as you undergo this massive transformation with live calls, group + personal support with weekly Q+A and live trainings.

Go from overwhelmed to empowered as you understand your energetic code in a space specifically designed for sensitive women

Each week we will hop on a live call where I will support you in your transformation and teach you new structures, concepts and tools to implement right away.


We start this mastermind with understanding - what an empath/sensitive soul is, what triggers + overwhelms you and why you feel life so intensely.

You will pinpoint your unique energetic code which will teach you the way in which you feel energy and life strategies for your unique type.

Ground down to rise up! This week is all about grounding, clearing and making space for the new YOU. You will get new clearing and grounding exercises to try and new strategies to create more space for your manifestations to appear.

This week we recode reality, your subconscious + what what you've always known to be true. We need to look at our boundaries and what allow in to our energy. We explore forgiveness to self and others in time-line exercises. This week get a chance to write a new reality.

Allow manifestation to be easy and tap into your gifts to allow manifestation to flow. This week you will get the rituals, routines + daily practices that set manifestation on fire for the empath. You will learn about manifesting money, love, freedom, success and clarity into your life.

Stepping into HER - the version of yourself that already has everything you desire. This week there will be MASSIVE shifts as we step into that version of ourselves. You will gain some incredible new tools, rituals and exercises to set your manifestations on fire, place success in your future timeline and start seeing the results of your hard work!

This whole program powerfully combines mindset shifts with action steps to create the change you are seeking!


THE ALIGNED EMPATH - 5 days Of Powerful Manifestation Tools

Each day for 5 days you will receive a new powerful exercise to do that is intentionally created for you to thrive + manifest as a sensitive person. These powerful exercises are perfect to play around with and get integrated into your routine. These easy-to-do nudges will help you take care of yourself, release energy and hone your gifts. 

MONEY MAGIC BUNDLE - This is perfect for the seekers who are ready to jump into the next level of money manifestation! This bundle intentionally pairs a high-level masterclass and a 7 day journal money breakthrough experience to give you new results + a mindset shift quickly! Included in this bundle is a Money Mentality Masterclass, Money Mentality Workbook + Detox Your Money Blocks.

3 MONTHS OF THE MOON CIRCLE  WITH ME! - Each month on the new moon I will hold a live, private new moon manifestation journal circle. As an empath you are deeply connected to the moon - this will amplify your manifestations because you will be utilizing the new moon energy as well as getting set up for the whole cycle with tools, focus and a manifestation moon plan! We will gather live to learn, journal, step into "Her" and recalibrate our energy as empaths.

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When you understand your energetic code and how to work your gifts - you get to FINALLY stand in your power and manifest in a way that works for highly sensitive people.

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I get you...

Being highly sensitive can be really tough. 

I used to constantly want to hide from the world (sometimes in a bathroom stall at a party, ammiright?) because life was really overwhelming. I was trying to master manifestation but my daily life was so up and down emotionally.

Depleted, frustrated and unable to manifest magically, I could never maintain the high vibe bouncy energy that I learned you need to use the law of attraction.

Others were manifesting lumps of cash while I was struggling just to process my emotions.

I discovered that being highly sensitive makes manifestation a lot more challenging because on top of managing normal doubts, fears and blocks - we are also managing strong emotions, energy vampires, boundaries, overstimulation and taking on energy that doesn't even belong to us.

This made so much sense, of course manifesting would be different. I knew I had to switch up the way I had been going about it.

Hey, I'm Talia!

I am a manifestation mentor, empath and sensitive soul. I'm also a mom of 3 and live on Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada.

I've studying the law of attraction since I was 16 but my results were always hit and miss and I could never figure out why. 

One day I realized that I experience life in a very different and intense way compared to other people.  In a single day I go from overwhelmed to excited, calm to hangry, energetic to depleted. So yeah, my manifestation results reflected that!

After intuitively getting this massive realization and diving deep - I made some key shifts I managed to step into a much happier, more balanced and magnetic version of myself! This made manifestation happen so much easier so that I could actually move into that happy, healthy, abundant + in-purpose version of myself.

We can't let another moment go by with you feeling alone, unsupported, overwhelmed and frustrated.

I want you manifesting magically, feeling deep unwaivering joy and KNOWING HOW to navigate your
sensitivity - and putting it to work.