intuitive development + THIRD EYE ACTIVATION

this is for you, if you WANT TO...

... receive inner guidance at any time

... uncover your unique gifts

... have clear information come through

... learn more about intuition

... stop doubting it and start trusting it

Was that my intuition or....?

... Am I making this up? 

... Or maybe it's my ego? 

... Or just a random thought...?

I used to wonder this all the time.  Because I didn't know how to tell which voice was intuition and which was ego, fear or regular thoughts...

... I second guessed

... I hesitated

... I didn't fully trust my intuition and often took no action at all

I was...

Having a really hard time making decisions

Not following through on the things I was nudged to do like a daily practice, self care, getting a massage, time in nature, exercising etc.

Second guessing the messages that came through because I had no idea where they were coming from

 Now I clearly know when it's intuition and when it's ego, fear or "regular thoughts" which makes it easy to make decisions and trust in the guidance I receive.

"Working with Talia and her intuition program has changed every aspect of my life. The gifts within Talia will turn your life around if you're ready. With this program, the intuition that is within you will finally be free to guide you. Whatever it is that you are looking for in your own life can be found with Talia’s help. My life is far from what it once was and it feels pretty amazing. " ​

Sara Moore, Portland OR, USA

Since developing my gifts, I can now...

Communicate with Spirit and receive clear guidance in my life

Receive clear messages for clients

Consult my inner guide in any moment

Receive clear "yes" and "no" nudges in everything I do

Know I am on the right path, being guided by my intuition

Connect with ancestors, angels and other guides who want to come through to help me

So, What is Intuition SCHOOL?

Intuition School is a 5 week self-guided intuitive development program and experience designed to give you confidence in your gifts as you learn what intuition is, your type(s) and how to ask and receive guidance with clarity and certainty. You will also learn potent manifestation tools using your intuitive type and how to unblock your inner guide forever.

Seeker, It's time to develop your intuition

In this program, you will...

 learn exactly what intuition is and be able to discern between guidance and ego or regular thoughts

discover your intuitive type + how to use it

develop your intuitive abilities

get forever access to materials to enhance your intuition

practice your intuition with intentional exercises

become confident in the guidance you receive 

know how to ask and receive instantly ​

learn how to manifest using your intuitive type (I don't see anyone else teaching this and it's so fun!!) ​

What Is included...

5 training modules

A workbook each week including clear action steps

Weekly practices, downloads and meditations to activate deeper levels of intuition

Materials include...

- Present Moment Meditation

- Meditation For Calling Forward Intuitive Guidance

- Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation

- Manifest While You Sleep Training

- Chakra Clearing & Third Eye Activation

- Ego Training

- Connecting To The Wisdom Of The Universe Meditation

and more...

All of this is valued at over $800.


Intuition + Magnetic Superflow Training Workshop to take you through a step by step breakdown of what intuition is and how to get into overflow with trust, faith and clarity. ($97)

6 Pillars Meditation to quantum activate the life of your dreams based on what is most important to you. ($33)

Sacred Morning Ritual to open up intuitive guidance, connect to yourself and anchor into your power each morning ($33)

Souls Purpose Ritual - press play with a journal and your favourite pen for this activating experience to connect to your soul. ($33)

Total Value of all 5 training modules, meditations, workbooks and all the bonuses is over $1000!

Register today for $997 - $111!

YES - I am ready to want to develop my intuition!

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Module 1 - Intuition Foundations

In module one we are diving into your intuitive type - everyone has a different way that they get intuitive information. Right away we will uncover your unique intuitive type and learn how to develop it. We will also play with signs, signals and tapping into the intuitive flow. 

 Module 2 : Receiving Mode

This is where we look at what it takes to get into receiving mode to be able to clearly receive intuitive guidance. Receiving energy has many layers and this week you will see clearly where you can allow yourself to receive more love, abundance and guidance. 

 Module 3: Unlocking Intuition

In this module, we explore what is holding you back from unlimited guidance, manifestation and support from the Universe. We look at your beliefs and I will teach you about vibes in a way you have never heard! This isn't just about being high-vibe, there is so much more to discover about your vibration and what it tells you.

Module 4  - Magical Intuitive Manifesting

We dive into manifesting using your intuition! You will get a manifestation exercise that will allow you to manifest easier, using your natural gifts. You will learn how to get into intuitive super flow so that you feel what magical manifesting is all about. 

Module 5: Psychic Abilities, Third Eye Activation + Practicing Your Intuition

 The last module is all about going deeper, practicing your intuition and activating your third eye. This week you will receive a third eye activation and daily practice rituals to enhance your intuition. We will also dive into how to activate your psychic abilities to connect with spirits, ancestors, loved ones and your Spirit team.

HeY! I am Talia, Your Guide in this experience.

I am an intuitive, spiritual teacher, manifestation mentor, podcast host  and mom of 3 living on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. I help seekers to manifest the abundance, freedom, purpose and joy they are seeking and intuition is a big part of that!

I have been teaching intuitive development for over 8 years after I healed my own eating disorder with intuitive eating. Over the last decade I have practiced and developed my own gifts to help others, receive unwavering reliable guidance for myself - it is now a fully integrated part of me. I connect with my inner knowing every day, all the time and have also gotten to know my Spirit team and different energies that want to come forward now that I have opened up my portal.

My intuition and I are besties now.

I can't wait to teach you how to develop and become confident in your gifts and to see you inside his powerful program!

Have a question?

When do I get access to the modules and bonuses?

As soon as you sign up you will get access to all 5 modules, downloads, workbooks and bonuses. Unlock the entire course library right away and dive in!

I recommend spending a week with each module and practicing the tools but you can do this at any pace you'd like.

What will I get out of this program?

This program is designed for intuitive development! You will learn your intuitive type, how to use it, how to ask for guidance, how to receive guidance, how to use intuition to quantum manifest, how to activate your third eye and so much more.