inspired to serve BUSINESS mastermind
This business mastermind has the sole focus of giving you the ongoing support, strategy, tools, materials and energy upgrade you need to become the abundant aligned leader that you truly are!

In addition to the biweekly strategy calls with me, you will also get an energetic upgrade in each session and access to energy rituals, tools and resources to support you as you CLAIM the success you are meant for.

Two 90 minute group strategy calls per month to learn and get personal support. These calls have an energy activation/clearing at the end for energetic upgrade

Support and community from me and an intimate group of like-minded seekers in the beginning stages of their business

Assignments each month focused on content creation, social media strategy + aligned action

Energy Rituals to amplify your results

A Branding Guide in January to dive deep into your brand and extract her GOLD!

Access to the Magnetic Podcast Workshop!

inspired to serve Mastermind is for the seeker who is
ready to make an impact

This Business Mastermind Is...

 A supportive small group of like-minded souls with the same collective goals to grow a business that makes an impact in the world

Calls that provide teaching at the beginning and then open floor coaching and mentoring for personal support

A safe space to grow, ask, share, get support and celebrate your leaps and success!

Yes - I am ready and LIT UP!


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Private Purpose + Success Session

90 min / Reg $333, save $111
Get intuitive guidance from your spirit team and myself as we pinpoint your purpose and a success strategy for your business.

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    3 Month Inspired To Serve Mastermind3x $222.00
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    [ VIP Option ] Inspired To Serve Mastermind w/ 1 Private Call Per Month3x $444.00

The VIP option includes 1 deep-dive intuitive and business mentorship call per month (3 in total) to get even more personal support and guidance.

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Jan 11th - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et
Jan 25th - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et
Feb 8th - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et
Feb 22nd - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et
March 8th - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et
March 22nd - 430pm pst / 630pm ct / 730pm et

Here's the thing...
I know that the seekers I work with have struggled with "Next Monday" mentality.

I have suffered from it too.

I also know that YOU are one of the few who refuse to cater to that voice anymore and as part of your intentions for 2022 you vowed to SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF on a whole new level.

If you've been "meaning to" start the business and get it off the ground - what are you waiting for, boo??

This mastermind will help you get your vision to it's next level because when you embody energetic/HER work with logic, strategy and potent actions - you get.... MAGIC.

I am here to help and support you on your journey to creating a successful, aligned, purpose-driven business!!

I know firsthand that success and building a brand that helps a lot of people happens in layers. We need to continuously up-level, shift, release, adjust and align with who we are becoming.

We need to move through branding, creating offers, setting up websites and choosing what to charge. There is a lot to think about and to do in your purpose-driven business and I and honoured and excited to help you in this.

If you're meant for this, you know you need to keep going. And to do it alone makes it TAKE SO MUCH LONGER.... and causes unnecessary suffering.

I know that while building my business I have been called to invest TIME, ENERGY + MONEY into my dreams and that continuous commitment is what has made the difference!

In this mastermind I will bringing... guidance and training to speak to the level you're in personal intuitive + practical support to build your brand, create your services steps and tools needed to create your next level of success - inside and outside your business social media strategy that I've used to build my business AND MOST OF ALL -- The ENERGETIC PORTAL to alchemize, up-level and ACTIVATE the next level of YOU!

Thank you for allowing me to support you in your journey - you are doing such a great job!
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