Imagine a clear, step by step way to Awaken your power to move forward & manifest?

On The Path will guide you through self growth and manifesting with practical strategies and expanding education.

~ Weekly Episodes ~

~ Monthly Challenges ~

~ Meditations ~

~ Entire Methodology For Manifestation + Transformation ~

100% Focused On:

Self Growth


Self Healing

Moving Forward

Soul Alignment

Staying committed to yourself and your dreams

This is a learning and manifestation portal that gives you a step by step process, resources and trainings designed to facilitate the self growth, inner work, mindset and energetics you need to manifest.

Together, we are committed to walking a path of self healing, manifestation and continuously expanding into our next level.

Next challenge, starts July 1 - Chakra Awakening!

Past challenges that you'll get instant access to...

What this is...

~ On The Path is a private podcast that contains a proven roadmap for self growth and manifesting your dream life and actionable content delivered weekly. 

~ We have monthly challenges on abundance, body love, quantum manifesting and more!

~ The teachings are clear, precise and offer high level practical tools to keep you on track and bring this work into your everyday life. 

~ You subscribe monthly to get full access to On The Path step by step process and can cancel at any time.

The Path to Transformation Begins Here

 Weekly Guidance + Support - With our weekly episodes, you can binge on trainings, insights, strategies, and actionable steps to support you on your path. Each episode is crafted to empower you with the "what to do" as you navigate self healing, growth and manifestation.

Merging Mindset, Energy, + Spirituality for Manifestation - Unleash the trifecta of mindset mastery, energetics, and spiritual practices and learn how to manifest abundance, freedom, health and rock solid inner peace. 

  Giving You Tangible Practices to bring into your life for results in your self healing, growth and manifestation journey.

Monthly Challenges to amplify you energy and create momentum! March 1st starts the Abundant AF challenge, April 1st is Body Love and May 1st is a Momentum challenge!

With this formula you are consistently moving through what comes up to start getting new results right away.

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this is for:

~ Freedom seekers committed to a life of growth and fulfillment and are looking for the process, tools and guidance.

~ Self healers looking to take their life to the next level with a step by step approach.

~ Students of life wanting to get out of their own way and manifest more abundance and joy.

~ Light workers and empaths who want to master this human experience as well as the Spiritual one.

~ Those who already know they are here to create big things and are looking for support and guidance.

What is a private podcast portal?

A private podcast is an exclusive secret  that is not available to the rest of the world and works with the podcast app that you already use (Apple, Google, Spotify etc). 

 By using a podcast platform to learn self-healing and manifestation - it becomes much easier to access "the work" and the tools when you need them.

You're not a newbie to self growth...

~ You've made changes already and are looking for a consistent practice and consistent results.

~ You want a process to follow with clear direction and tangible practices to manifest what you want.

~ You want easy-to-use resources like meditations, journal prompts and quick go-to tools to support you in moving through triggers and manifesting your goals. 

~ You are experiencing some looping patterns and you know they must be trying to teach you something.

~ You are drawn to creating more freedom, abundance and healing to explode into your next level.

Have a question?

How is the work delivered?

It is delivered through a private podcast platform, clearly laid out step by step. In addition to The Core Trainings + Tools there are meditations, practices and ongoing episodes showing exactly how to manifest and make the most of your awakening journey.

How much time does this work require?

You can spend as much or as little time doing this work as you'd like. Each training is under 30 minutes with most being around 20. It is recommended to go phases by phase through taking as little or much time as you'd like on each phase.


How does the subscription work? Can I cancel if I need to?

You can cancel anytime. When you cancel and that payment period is up, your unique link will expire and you will lose access to the private podcast platform.

Are there refunds?

There are no refunds but there is an easy (no questions asked) cancellation process if you register and find that it is not for you.

Hey, I'm Talia... I am a bestie & Guide in your awakening journey

Welcome to On The Path, where we walk on a soulful journey to manifesting our dream lives, together!

I have spent a long time on this healing, manifesting, self growth journey and a LOT of time spinning my wheels, triggered AF and not where I wanted to be in life. 

I have realized over the past 9 years helping driven seekers that it takes a few things to truly pull off this dream life thing :

A Powerful Mindset

Energetic Alignment

Devotion to your path (whatever that path may be)

My aim? To equip you with the tools and wisdom to STRUT into your dream life, rocking your mindset, energy and devotion!

Each week, I am bringing you hand-crafted (as opposed to factory farmed ) episodes to give you the tools you need to move forward now. Whether it's unlocking money, healing your past or aligning with you Soul - we do it all here because that's what awakening and manifesting is all about!

I can't wait to walk on the path with you!